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Are you looking to transition to a lifestyle where you can live your passion and not have to delay doing the things you love doing, because most of your time is committed to earning a wage? Some may call this financial freedom, but when examined more closely it simply is a choice of freedom.

This part of my website is dedicated to that pursuit. It is a hub to information needed that is relevant and presented in a way that makes sense, without over complicating things (Simplicity at all cost!)

Financial Freedom is worth attaining and is a key focus, it’s not the only focus. Like Joni Mitchell sings: “you don’t know what you got ‘til its gone”, you don’t want to trade paradise for a parking lot! Just as money is important, so too is your time and your quality of life.


So many people get to where they think they want to go and realise they haven’t attained happiness, because they never have truly thought deeply about what it actually is, for them. Many find they solve their money problems, but still don’t feel satisfied or happy.

The journey or the pursuit of freedom is one that involves the financial, experiential, spiritual and physical (ain’t no use being free and unhealthy). Each needs to be given attention to build the Body, Mind and Soul balance in the pursuit of freedom.

So, let's get started... 

Where I’m from we like to put people’s minds at rest by telling them: “She’ll be right mate!” Our way of saying don’t worry. 

You might love to book a time to swim amongst the dolphins, but we prefer to swim amongst the sharks. Well that is the perception from the outside looking in. Is it just the laconic spirit of our nation, or is it simply that sharks really are not a big worry for a sun and surf loving country?

A lot of worry is based on unrealised concern and can really drain you. It can bring you to a point of obsessing that pushes everything else into the background. A lot of times it can be downright irrational, what you are worrying about. In fact, not looking more closely at your pet worry leaves you ignorant of the true facts about that worry. 

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Posted by: Phil on 05 Mar, 2020 in Early Retirement Advice Small-to-Medium Business The Human Condition 

Does it concern you that your name one day will fade from peoples’ lips and memories? That your life had very little impact on?

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Posted by: Phil on 20 Feb, 2020 in Phil Early Retirement Advice The Human Condition 

I don't believe in retirement. It's more a case of redirection of your time. But more importantly it's redirection of your time to things you are more passionate about. Even if you are currently in a job you love and that pays well, life is not that job alone.

But how many people are really in a job they love to get to first thing in the morning? A job that defines who you are, what you are  and will take you to who you want to be?

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Posted by: Phil on 16 Feb, 2020 in Early Retirement Advice Projects 

Every journey requires a clear destination and a map of how to get there...


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Posted by: Phil on 16 Feb, 2020 in Early Retirement Advice 

New ideas are on the way...

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Posted by: Phil on 16 Feb, 2020 in Phil Early Retirement Advice Small-to-Medium Business The Human Condition Other Articles 

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