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I don't believe in retirement. It's more a case of redirection of your time. But more importantly it's redirection of your time to things you are more passionate about. Even if you are currently in a job you love and that pays well, life is not that job alone.

But how many people are really in a job they love to get to first thing in the morning? A job that defines who you are, what you are  and will take you to who you want to be?

The often used "future story" of you sitting on the verandah, eating your meal through a straw (cause those damn teeth just aren't comfortable) comes to mind. You know the one where you recall the highlights of your life. You look at your grandson Timmy (or is he your great grandson?) and say: "I loved that job, but you know everything went down hill from there, when I retired."

In that situation, I would hope my heart would start pumping and jumping (well not too much as I don't want Timmy to have to call an ambulance)! That I would be excited by what I experienced, what I did AFTER checking out of my 9 to 5. You see it's much harder to Travel That Road Less Travelled when you beat a path to work for the major part of your life.

What I want to explore further is what that Road Less Travelled might look like. How would you transition to it? How might you sustain it? What your story might sound like when you tell it to your Timmy, Jimmy or John. It's pretty exciting stuff. Pretty daunting. Some topics that come to mind that might just make the difference for you are: Gaining your Financial Freedom; Roadmapping your future; Playing it on for your family and friends; it goes on. 

It's a journey worth taking.

Some do it early in life, others wait for the proverbial gold watch, and the rest are somewhere in-between. Some may already have regrets they haven't moved on this "retirement" thingy (there has to be a better word than that - suggestions please!)

The worst regret, I think, would be telling the story to Timmy on the verandah and seeing your job as the highlight, and things going to pot after that! It doesn't have to be like that at all. You may still  be eating your meal through a straw, but just feeling the excitement of life, after your 9 to 5 will bring joy to your aching limbs.


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