Questions & Answers

Category: General

Why is this site here (and what's in it for me)?

Good questions.

They happen to be the same question, as what I do is help you have the life you WANT, instead of the one you ended up with.

So, what is it you really want? How are you going about ensuring that you get it?

Category: Phil

Who IS Phil Mizzi (and why do I care)?

Phil Mizzi is a multi-faceted, multi-skilled person, who can actually help you improve your life.

Category: Business

What sort of projects does Phil take on?

Phil is currently working with several projects, but has been successful in enterprise architecture, business design and operations, as well as project management.

Category: Retirement

What happens when I retire?

You stop working.

You have more time.

Hopefully, you have enough money to enjoy the life you envisioned.

What do you want it to be like?

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