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As the grandfather in The Princess Bride says to his grandson (who complained "it wouldn't be fair!"), "Who says that life is fair, where is that written?". Truer words were never spoken, but we CAN take action to even things up a little.

The hardest thing for me to see (and I think the most unfair) is when children are subjected to horrible things, through no doing or fault of their own; rather by virtue of where and to whom they were born.

Now, let's go change some lives...

Where I’m from we like to put people’s minds at rest by telling them: “She’ll be right mate!” Our way of saying don’t worry. 

You might love to book a time to swim amongst the dolphins, but we prefer to swim amongst the sharks. Well that is the perception from the outside looking in. Is it just the laconic spirit of our nation, or is it simply that sharks really are not a big worry for a sun and surf loving country?

A lot of worry is based on unrealised concern and can really drain you. It can bring you to a point of obsessing that pushes everything else into the background. A lot of times it can be downright irrational, what you are worrying about. In fact, not looking more closely at your pet worry leaves you ignorant of the true facts about that worry. 

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Posted by: Phil on 05 Mar, 2020 in Early Retirement Advice Small-to-Medium Business The Human Condition 

Does it concern you that your name one day will fade from peoples’ lips and memories? That your life had very little impact on?

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So, you think kids should have a 'fair go', regardless of their background?


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New ideas are on the way...

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